Sunday, March 4, 2012


The soup was super yummy today. I can say that and not sound vain because I made it following a recipe. I know! Me? Follow a recipe? But this one is so good, there's no point in messing with it. I made the Curried Pumpkin Soup with Green Apple from this book. Delish.

And just for the Southerner, I made plain old homemade white bread - Italian style - I guess you would call it. He loves it and most of the time I make us eat that hippie whole grain nutty wheaty type stuff! He is in heaven with the leftovers!

We had a nice turnout today, but lots of soup for the freezer too (I made 8.5 quarts, which might've been a bit excessive, but it freezes well). Missing the Pastry Chef lots today, as she's moved away...but hopefully she'll be back to visit soon and we can do some baking. After all, next month is birthday month for both me and the Southerner. She has to come back and make us a cake, right? RIGHT?

I recently received one copy of my new book from my editor (it comes out April 26th, in the US and May 1st in Canada), which was admired by all because of its stunning cover (I can say that because I had nothing to do with the cover).

All in all, a nice time with lots of great discussions and the only mishap were some candles that melted all over the window sill. But that's a first world problem, isn't it? We are so blessed. I hope you are too.