Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Birthday to the Pastry Chef

This week is the Pastry Chef's birthday, so her sister, The Sous Chef came over on Friday night and we made a fabulous corn chowder. This morning, at the crack of dawn (okay, 9:30am), the Sous Chef came over again, and we made this cake!

It's The Pastry Chef's Sweet Sixteen birthday and she had informed me on numerous occasions that the cake had better be special and NOT vanilla, like The Sous Chef wanted. So while this cake might look like vanilla (we tricked her), it was actually a three layer Red Velvet Cake with butter cream frosting in the shape of a heart with sprinkles. Special enough? She thought so!

Happy Birthday, Pastry Chef!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year!

So today just happens to be the Chinese New Year, which is very fitting because on Friday I found out that my publisher sold the rights to my book, Restoring Harmony, to CHINA! That's right, my book is coming out in China. Pretty cool, eh?

To celebrate, I made Hot and Sour Soup and Scallion Pancakes. It was all pretty yummy. Although, scallion pancakes for a crowd takes quite a bit of time. For the soup, I used a mixture of a couple of different recipes. And for the pancakes, I doubled this recipe. Enjoy!

P.S. Last week we had vegetable soup and bread and an obligation right after SS, which is why I didn't post anything at all. Sorry!