Monday, March 4, 2013

A Musical Sunday

Yesterday was a particularly great Sunday Soup, assuming you like music and cake. And really...who doesn't? We had some new attendees this time, and I will call them...the Folkie and...I'm not sure what to call his wife. I don't know her very well yet, so for now I will call her the Navigator because they are on the road a lot, and she travels with him. Also, the Southerner gave her that name, so if it doesn't fit, then it isn't my fault! Once I know her better, I'll give her a new name.

Anyway, the Musician, the Southerner, and the Folkie all got together early to play some tunes. For the first hour or so, the Navigator and I made up the appreciative audience, but then the English Gentleman and the Actor arrived and sat on the couch and listened as well. We didn't actually start eating soup until around five o'clock, when more people arrived and stomachs were growling.

Last week was the Pastry Chef's birthday, and so I made her a very special cake. She turned nineteen, which in Canada is the legal drinking age, so I soaked her chocolate cake in Bailey's Irish Cream. I also put a secret ingredient in it, which I didn't tell her about until after she'd eaten it because I was pretty sure she'd turn her nose up at it. Sauerkraut. It's great in cake...keeps it moist and gives it a nice texture and the flavour is totally lost, so it's not like eating it on a veggie hotdog or anything. I was right, she almost didn't finish her piece once she found out. It was delicious though, so more for me!

The Fleece Lady is away, so we missed her, and didn't see the Neighbour, either, but some of the usual suspects arrived later in the day, bringing wine and chocolate. And a couple of friends who had never come to SS also showed up. It was a merry crowd!

The soup was one of my favourites, a dal soup with lemon and cilantro. And the bread was the usual. I forgot to blog for February, but the soup then was white beand and carrot.

Next month, the Southerner and I both have birthdays, and the Actor informed me that since his is at the end of March, he'll have his cake at the next SS, too, so I'm thinking it will be a cake extravaganza next month. I wonder if there's a recipe for cake soup?

Thanks to Google, I did find this "accidental" cake soup recipe.  I dont' think I'll try it, though.

Hope to see you next month!