Sunday, June 2, 2013

There's Still Time

If you didn't make it to Sunday Soup today, there's technically still time. You have 32 minutes at the writing of this. But since everyone who came so far has already left, I've sort of cleaned up and the Southerner is playing me tunes on his electric guitar. Yep, we're rocking out here the last half hour of SS. Bet those of you who left you wish you'd stayed longer! We're breaking out the wine next.

The winds came last night and blew away all our clouds and rain, leaving us with sunshine and blue sky. If you're a real Canadian, you'd probably even think it was warm. The Southerner and I had to bundle up to join everyone else on the porch, but the white bean soup was warming. And due to me being half asleep when I made the bread a slight technical error there was an awful lot of bread. I accidentally made three loaves instead of the usual two. I know, you may be wondering, as were the Fleece Lady and the Musician, how I managed that. The Irish One thought I put two loaves in the oven and opened it to find three, which is infinitely more interesting and imaginative than what actually happened. I accidentally put in an extra cup of water so then I had to add more flour, yeast, and salt, thus three loaves.

All in all, a very relaxed and quiet Sunday Soup. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. See you in July!