Sunday, May 25, 2008

May 25th 2008

The first three Sundays

Ummm...yeah, I forgot I was going to blog about this Sunday Soup thing, so I started the blog and then poof! Totally forgot about it. But here it is Sunday, so I thought I'd recap the first three really quickly and hopefully I can stay focused enough to do these each week!

First Sunday - I made vegetarian chili from know, dry beans, all that. And my husband made southern cornbread, being southern himself and all. Of course, also being a vegetarian, he made it with butter instead of lard. It was a BIG hit. The Chili was a recipe that I adapted and modified. It was actually two recipes, plus a bunch of my own ideas. All in all, I think about ten people came...maybe more. It was a pretty successful start considering my husband forgot to tell his friends.

Second Sunday - I made a vegetable soup with alphabet noodles. It turned out good, but the noodles sort of melted and fell apart. They were huge alphabet letters that I'd gotten at Trader Joe's and they looked cool, but they don't work so well for soup. Still, it tasted great. Also, ever since I learned from that cookbook from the Culinary Institute that I shouldn't simmer my vegetable stock for more than 30 minutes, it's much better. This was the best stock I've ever made. I've always dumped my scraps in the a ziplock bag and kept it in the freezer for making stock, but now that we're composting, my scrap bag is getting low. I'll have to remind myself to fill it occasionally. I made my usual bread from the New York Times no-knead recipe, except I kneaded in some chives, chopped garlic, and shredded cheddar. Oh, boy was it good! We had more people that week, I think.

Third Sunday - I made a Thai inspired with coconut milk soup. It had tofu and rice and vegetables in it. It was quite yellow because of the turmeric, but not spicy at all. I would've liked it spicier, but it was fine. People really liked it and we ate almost all of it, which is no small feat since there weren't that many people here and I made about 7 quarts or more. I made a foccacia bread for the first time. I thought it was a little dry, but it went fast, so I'm probably just a little critical! I topped it with herbs, carmelized onions, sundried tomatoes, and feta. Next time, I would definitely cook it for ten minutes and then add the toppings for the last ten minutes instead of topping it before I put it in the oven like I did.

And that's the first three Sunday Soups!

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