Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quiet Sunday

It rained. Rain can do one of two things. It either brings everyone out and over for soup, or they all stay in. This time they all stayed in. Except Carol, her friend, and Calvin. Even The Southerner was gone.

I barely got the soup done, and it tasted good, but my brain was so fried from doing all my edits (7 1/2 hours on Saturday and 3 1/2 before making the soup), that at a quarter to three, I said to myself, "today we're having crackers". And that's what I served with the soup. When only two people showed up, I was really glad I hadn't forced myself to make two dozen muffins!

We had a nice chat, sat under the eaves and watched the rain, and by 5:30, they'd gone home and I was back to work.

Next week is our big one-year-anniversary-in-our-new-country potluck, so I expect things won't be quite so quiet then!

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