Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Crowd - part deux

So far so was just a power surge. We're expecting high winds to go along with this wet snow, so you know...I better type fast.

The second part of this post, which you might be reading first because it will post after the one I just hurriedly posted, is about the bread. Last night, after fighting the broccoli into submission, I decided that for my own sanity, I better make the usual standard no-knead bread. I can whip it up in 5 minutes, so I made two loaves. Today, I was feeling better about the know, got some distance... and so I doctored up the loaves to make them more exciting. I kneaded (despite the no-knead name) garlic relish, cheese, and green onions into one loaf. The other loaf I sort of flattened out into a square and then broke bits of dark chocolate with hazelnuts over it and then I rolled it up and tucked it under itself. Pain au chocolat. Yeah...both breads were pretty popular!

As usual The Fleece Lady could not come without bringing something wonderful (yay Fleece Lady) and she brought a fabulous red pepper dip that I have to learn to make! Yummm...

Oh, and one last bit of, not that it's snowing...ahhh power surge! Quick! The news is that Sunday Soup is going on the road on Jan. 18th. More info later! Have a great week!

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AnneB said...

I'm guessing it was all the posts at your other blog that is draining the Gabriola electrical grid! I'm catching up on a week's worth of postings after a very busy end-of-the-holidays time here in Wisconsin. Fortunately you are draining off all the snow before it reaches the Upper Midwest, and I haven't had to do any heavy lifting for a couple of weeks now. Keep it up...!