Sunday, August 23, 2009

Old Reliable

When I say "Old Reliable" I'm talking about the soup, not The Southerner. Although he is reliable, he's not that old. I ditched my idea of a month of zucchini soups. Not because I didn't have any, I fact, The Southerner is sauteeing some up right this minute for our supper. Anyway, I just decided that this weekend was pretty busy and so I went for simple & easy. I made potato-leek soup. I got the leeks from The Farmers and the potatoes at the Village and that's pretty much it. Oh, a little half & half too. The soup basically takes about as long to make as it takes you to cut up the leeks and potatoes, plus maybe a half hour of cooking time and five minutes to puree it and add the cream. And's one of the SS favourites. And mine too. Yumm...I learned to make it from Julia Child when she guest starred on Live With Emeril. The basics are: 3 cups potatoes, 3 cups leeks, cooked in 6 cups of water with 1.5 tsp of salt. Puree when soft. Add warm cream to taste. Voila. Fini!

Speaking of Julia, have y'all seen the movie Julie and Julia? I haven't, but I read the book and it was fantastic. Oh, no! The Southerner has just given me a two minute warning for supper. I better type fast. Lots of people, good conversations, soup, bread, watermelon, dip and chips, great day. Hope yours was too. Food is being plated! Gotta run. More next week.

The Southerner just said, "Okay...soup's on." Haha!

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AnneB said...

We got leeks in our farm box this weekend so made this soup tonight. Yummy! Along with asiago bread twists--double yummy.