Sunday, November 29, 2009

Not tonight, I have a headache...

I tried to get out of blogging by asking The Sous Chef to blog for me because I've had a headache since yesterday. She laughed. Apparently she has no sympathy for me because I told her that if she really did get food poisoning this past week from eating at the golden arches, well, that's what she gets for eating there. She didn't like that much, so here I am blogging. She did help with the dishes though...she loaded all the dirty spoons into the dishwasher!

I also tried to get The Southerner to blog, but he's too busy practicing all the cool stuff he's going to play next weekend at his third annual benefit gig, Concert For The Commons (which, by the way, is sold out, but it is probable a Sunday show will be added so if you live on the island and you want a second show to happen, add your name to the waiting list at Artworks). A house full of music is lovely though, so I'm not complaining.

We had a very nice, rather quiet evening. The power stayed on the whole time, and the soup was a hit. Someone asked what it was called and I said, "What I had in the fridge soup." It's true. Last night at nine o'clock, I still didn't know what I was going to make, so I looked in the fridge. I made a very nice soup out of leeks, a parsnip (grown by The Farmers), carrots, and potatoes (grown by The Southerner) and some seasonings. I basically simmered it all in water, removed half the vegetables, pureed the rest, put the veggies back in, and seasoned it all with salt and pepper and a secret spice (okay, Penzey's ranch dressing mix).

And that's about it here! Have a great week and eat well. Oh, and if there is a second show, never fear, Sunday Soup will go on as scheduled...The Neighbour will hold the fort down until we get back around 5pm.

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AnneB said...

Ranch dressing? You are a genius, Joelle. I'm adding it even as I write this, to a mostly root veg soup I'm making for supper (it is 5ยบ above zero here).

As it happens, I live half a mile from the Penzy's Spice House on Kavanaugh Hill in Wauwatosa, WI, operated by the parents of Bill, who took the store nation-wide. I walked over there just a couple of weeks ago to pick up some lemon-pepper seasoning (not just for meat: great on warm buttered bread!) and their wonderful China cinnamon. Ruth Penzy (his mom) came from the back when I was there. The Lemon Pepper Seasoning is sold locally as Ruth Ann's Muskego Avenue Mix; I believe named after the street she grew up on or where the family lived first.