Monday, June 14, 2010

It wasn't my fault!

Last Sunday, blogger was down so I couldn't post about Sunday Soup. I actually didn't go to Sunday Soup, so it would've been hard to come up with much to write anyway. I had a big week on the road last week (book signings, yay!) and so I actually hid out at The Neighbour's house for a while catching up on my to-do-before-I-go list.

This week was quite the scurrying around for soup. I didn't even make it until 3pm! We'd gone down to Victoria for the weekend to do a book event at Tall Tales Books, and so yesterday was a bit crazy. But I made my old stand-by, Potato-Leek, and everyone was happy. It all worked out great. And The Fix-it guy brought a salad with the yummiest dressing ever. Mmmm...lots of garlic! He even let me keep the leftovers. Oh, and did I mention he grew the lettuce? Yep!

It was nice enough to be out on the porch for the FIRST time all year, so The Neighbour and I sat out there for a while, but there was fresh bread and olive oil on the table, so everyone else stayed in the kitchen, sopping up the oil with the bread and having a lively discussion on...yep, the oil disaster in the Gulf. Sometimes, it's not all fun and games at SS, but serious conversations are part of it too.

Anyway, thanks for checking in and see you next week!

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Emmy said...

Well, its good to hear that things are going so well for you; but I must say that I did miss you last week! The soup and salads sound very yummy, and I have to agree that home grown veggies just taste better! (and garlic is amazing, too :3)