Friday, July 2, 2010

Sunday Soup is on hiatus for the month of July

Hi All.
FYI, we're not doing Sunday Soup for the month of July. This was a tough decision for us because summer is such a great time to have wonderful soups made from fresh veggies right out of the garden. It's nice and sunny and we can all gather on the porch too. We usually get lots more people in the summer too, which is fun.

However, we've discovered that there are events in the summer that we'd like to attend and often can't because of SS. This year, two of them are taking place the first two Sundays of July, so we took it as a sign that it was time for a little break for The Chef and some adventures for both her and The Southerner.

So this year, after over two years of continuous soup, we're taking a short break. We'll be back in August though, so don't forget us. And you know what August is...right? Yep! Zucchini Month!


Emmy said...

Going to miss you for the next month or so. But have a lot of summer fun for July! See you in August :)

Anonymous said...

I'll miss you too, but you have done an amazing job--on many fronts!--and deserve a month off, at least!