Sunday, January 1, 2012

And we're off...

Happy 2012 Everyone!!!!!

Toooooo exhausted from the holidays to write much.

Soup - White bean and carrot

Bread - Corn muffins with red pepper and onion

Guests - Many! We are so blessed.

Special treats - Yummy fruitcake, homemade pita, Christmas bread, blue cheese dip & crackers, pesto may0 & chips.

Tea - David's Three Lemon

Cutest Guest Award - Tie goes to Miss Sophie & The Pastry Chef who cuddled all evening!

Quote of the Night - The Chef: We have such nice friends.

Highlight - The Southerner did the clean-up!

2012 is off to a GREAT start!
May it bring you joy, peace, love, and lots of soup!


Emmy said...
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Emmy said...

I was so excited to see your blog listed on my dashboard; welcome back! I really hope there will be a lot of updates here in 2012 :)

The soup sounds wonderful! My mom recently made a delicious sausage and bean soup; it was great! I wish we would make soups more often.

AnneB said...

Cornbread with red pepper and onion..mmm. Must persuade the family to let me tinker with our regular recipe and try this one!