Sunday, December 2, 2012

First & Last

Today was the first Sunday Soup without the Fix-it Guy. For those of you who don't know, he passed away last month. We're all still in a bit of a shock, and even with the large crowd today, he was conspicuously absent.

The Fix-it Guy often wore a pair of yellow fleece socks which his wife, The Fleece Lady, made. At his celebration of life, I told a story about these socks and how they reminded me of the Lucky Duck song we used to sing at camp.

Oh, wasn't it a bit of luck that I was born a yellow duck
With yellow socks and yellow shoes
And I may go wherever I choose
Quack, quack, quack, quack, quack!

I explained how it made me happy every time I saw him walking around in those socks, and so I had asked The Fleece Lady for a pair of my own. She'd told me, "No problem. I made a bunch of those and never sold a single pair. He was the only one who liked them."

I was pleased to see that after telling my story, I am now no longer the only member of the Lucky Duck Yellow Socks Club. There were at least a couple of pairs today at Sunday Soup, and the Fleece Lady reported brisk sales of them at yesterday's craft fair. If you're a local, you should get yourself a pair to remind you how happy and lucky we were to know The Fix-it Guy. And also because who doesn't feel happy wearing bright yellow socks???!

The soup today was chosen for The Fleece Lady. While it's true that no matter what soup I make, she always says, "This is your best soup ever." I happen to know that eight bean soup is definitely one of her favourites, so I made it today. It went over very well, and there's just enough left for supper.

We had more people here for this last Sunday Soup of the year than I can make up names for in my exhausted state. Why am I so tired? Well, that's because earlier in the week, The Southerner and I both got a cold. One of us went straight to bed for two days and is completely well. The other of us fought it all week and then collapsed today, leaving me to do all the chores and entertain the hoardes. Okay, that's not really true...he did iron the napkins and sweep the house before holing up in my writing cabin during Sunday Soup. And he looked so worn out and pathetic, I couldn't help but feel badly for him, even if it is true that if he'd just gone to bed when I told him to, he'd be well by now the poor dear.

So that's it...we wrapped up another year of Sunday Soups. In the spring, we will have been at it for five years! Who would've thought it would end up being such a wonderful thing? I think we did ten Sunday Soups this year (missing May & November). It's a far cry from the first two years when we did 52 each year, but I have to say this is WAY easier! I hope you all have an excellent holiday season, and we'll see you on January 6th, for a whole new year of Soup, Fun, Frivolity, Conversation, Friendship, and Food.

Happy New Year, y'all! Love The Chef & the Southerner!


Janet Reid said...

Those make me happy just LOOKING at them!

And of course, as a University of Oregon alum, a certified QuackerBacker, they have special resonance!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Joelle, when you grow a community via soup you let yourself in for all sorts of passages, don't you? I hope there were some births this year to balance out the heartache. Thanks for sharing this.

And thanks for sharing so much of Sunday Soup! I can't believe it has been 5 years already. Thanks to your example, I now make my own vegetable stock and just two weeks ago I pulled out Perfect Vegetables to research parsnips after dicing and adding to soup didn't work out so well (#cookfail--it would have been soooo easy to look it up ahead of time). As a result, I've designated January as Learn How to Cook with Parsnips Month.