Monday, May 6, 2013

A Wonderful 5th Anniversary of Sunday Soup

I didn't post in April because we had to cancel SS at the last minute. All is well though, so not to worry. Yesterday was the 5th anniversary of Sunday Soup which was something to really celebrate! I broke out all the stops and made two soups and a cake. Because our dishwasher's on the fritz, the Southerner washed dishes like mad on both Saturday and Sunday while I cooked. I was so exhausted on Saturday night that he made the bread, too, because honestly, the Southerner is a true and shining star.

We had a glorious spring day here on the island, and almost everyone hung out on the deck. The Brit and the Actor stayed inside, holding court around the dining table, and taste-testing all the treats as they came in. We had at least one Sunday Soup virgin, and lots of regulars, plus a few who always mean to come, but have busy Sundays of their own, so they made a special effort (that's you, Architect and Builder). We were so pleased to see everyone.

Every year on the anniversary of Sunday Soup, we hold a canned soup drive for the local food bank and this year, we brought in 49lbs of creamed corn from the Actor wonderful canned goods! The Southerner took this great photo. Thank you to everyone for being such wonderful friends to us, and such generous people, too! We love you all.

Oh, in case you're wondering, the soups were mushroom onion, which is one of the few recipes I actually follow (from Canadian Living magazine), and one I made up entirely called Curried Cream of Vegetable w/coconut and cilantro. As usual, the Fleece Lady determined that these were the best soups ever. She's good to have around, that one!

Here's to many more Sunday Soups!


Emmy said...

That's awesome, guys! Congrats on five years!

Janet Reid said...

One of these days I'll get there for Sunday Soup, and won't you be surprised!