Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Blog Break

Hi Everyone,
Well...Sunday Soup is still going strong. We've had several new guests over the last few months, and both The Sous Chef and The Pastry Chef are coming right along in the kitchen and making wonderful things to eat.


Truth be told, I'm getting a little burnt out on this blog. I don't really know what to write each week anymore. I seem to be using all my words to write my new book too, which makes it hard to be creative here. So...I hope you will bear with me while I take a break from blogging. I will still check in each week with a menu update, but that's about it. I know that some of you who live off island like to catch up on what's going on here, but after almost two years, I just need a bit of a blogging break.

So, that said, the soup today was Pumpkin and Delicata squash with Sage and Maple Syrup. There were two kinds of bread: Challah and a whole wheat. Much thanks to The Pastry Chef for helping to make the soup and bringing wonderful cookies today!

Have a great week, everyone! And thanks for being so understanding.

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AnneB said...

You continue to be an inspiration, in-kitchen and out, so whatever crumbs (splashes?) you throw my way, I'll be grateful! I made a version of the parsnip/potato/carrot/leek soup you blogged about last fall/early winter last week and it was yummmmmy. So were the baking powder biscuits that went with it!