Sunday, January 3, 2010

Is Today Sunday?

The Sous Chef has bronchitis. Don't worry, she was banned from the kitchen and she's gone back to University where she can infect a lot more people than we get at SS (I know...I know...she's not contagious anymore...that was a joke, SC!)

The Pastry Chef came over though, on Friday night, and we made Chunky Garden Vegetable Soup. Guess where we got the veggies? Yep! The Southerner grew them. You knew that already, though, didn't you?

The Pastry Chef didn't actually come over to make soup, she came over to learn to make bread. You see, for holiday break homework, she was supposed to do a random act of kindness and so she asked me to teach her to make her bread and then she took the loaf of bread with her on a walk the next morning and gave it to the first stranger she met! How sweet was that? She met a fellow dog walker and handed it off, and because we live in a small community, the guy was just glad to get it, not worried about being poisoned or anything! Yay, small communities! And yay Pastry Chef!

Anyway, she ended up helping me make the soup, which is why it is pretty surprising that she did not show up today. I am sorry to say that The Pastry Chef has had entirely TOO MUCH TIME OFF FROM SCHOOL because she LOST TRACK OF THE DAYS and did not realize today was Sunday until I called her afterward to ask where she was!

Luckily for her, despite a huge crowd, and the fact that The Fleece Lady declared this "the best vegetable soup ever" there was ONE bowl left and I saved it for The Pastry Chef.

We had a lot of guests tonight, some new, some regulars. I'd love to be clever and give all the new guests nicknames, but basically I'm just too lazy...I mean, tired. We had a long, but wonderful weekend of brunches, and music and general frivolity. And now, I'm going to relax a bit with The Southerner. Y'all come back, ya hear?

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