Sunday, March 7, 2010

Two For One

Even though I haven't been posting much on this blog, I do mean to at least get the menu up every week! But last week, I totally slacked off.

The Fix-it Guy gave me a big bag of garlic from his garden and requested garlic soup. I made a roasted garlic and roasted potato soup, which was pretty good. The Southerner said, and I quote, "It tastes like dirt...or maybe just smells like dirt. That's why I like it." Ummm...okay...

Interestingly enough, The Fix-it Guy did not actually come to SS and so I sent him his in jars on Tuesday and he didn't even like it. So, that's the last request I'm taking from him. :-)

I also made a buttermilk quick bread which was excellent, and especially good later in the week when I turned it into this wine-cheese-egg bake dish. Oh, yum!

It's now just after four, and no one's here yet, so I'll just quickly post about today's soup. It is that time of year when the freezer needed to be inventoried and we have to start eating everything from last summer that we haven't (I know food guides say stuff loses it's flavour after 3 months, but I think that's just some organized food propaganda because we're eating lots of stuff from the garden still and it's fantastic). Anyway, I had a LOT of zucchini still from that one plant so last night the Sous Chef and I made a very nice curry zucchini soup with sour cream. I forgot to make the bread before bed, so today I made two loaves of whole-grain sunflower bread (made with whole wheat flour and whole grain cereal). It's about as hippie as it sounds, but it's actually quite tasty and I'm already thinking about breakfast tomorrow - toast with local honey (when I say local, I mean LOCAL, as in just down the street!).

So there you go, two SS in one, and I even rambled on a bit! My Grandma will be pleased as she's been missing her SS update. She'll be even more pleased to hear that since I'll be coming to visit, I'm going to start filling her soup containers again and I'll be bringing lots of soup to her!

Have a great week everyone!
P.S. The Fix-it Guy just showed up and says it's snowing! It hasn't snowed all winter! I think he's imagining it though. All I see is rain.

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