Sunday, April 25, 2010

Remember Me?

Hi All.
I'm betting you thought I fell into a vat of my own soup and disappeared, but that'd be silly because I'm a VEGETARIAN! I'd never fall into the soup or I'd be violating the most basic rule of Sunday Soup!

After a bit of gentle nudging (Anne) and some not so gentle kicks in the butt (Sous Chef), I am finally back to update SS! It's been an exciting few weeks since I posted too. Last week was my birthday and The Sous Chef made me a most delicious ice cream cake ALL BY HERSELF! She did borrow my spring form pan, but other than that, she did it alone!

The buttercream frosting was my favourite part. Why? Because the night before she made the cake, she was over here cooking with me and this is how our conversation went.

Sous Chef: I'm a little worried about the frosting.
Me: Why?
SC: Because I've never made frosting before.
Me: You didn't frost the other cakes you made?
SC: Well, yeah...but I got it out of a can.( BIG SIGH) I can't do that for you.
Me: (Evil laughter!) That's right, baby! And don't even try it.

So she made the frosting from scratch. And get this, she remembered I liked candied pecans, but there weren't any at the grocery store, so she got online and found a recipe and made them herself!!! I was so proud! And they were totally yummy.

In other news, I was supposed to help The Sous Chef make soup for the volunteers at The Commons one Saturday morning, but my phone got unplugged (it was an accident, I swear) and she ended up making soup for twenty people ALL BY HERSELF. And I got there just in time to eat it and it was DELICIOUS. You do realize what this means, right? It means that I taught someone who thought grated cheese got that way by buying it in a bag and frosting came in a can how to cook!!!!

Anyway, enough about TSC, who wasn't even here today, but did come last night and chop a LOT of broccoli for the Broccoli Almond soup. This is a yummy and delish soup. However, we won't be having it often because I almost passed out at the checkout when my tiny bag of bulk blanched almonds cost $12.47!!!

The Southerner and I are cutting out butter for the most part and so we've been offering up different things (besides the obvious one, soup) to go with the bread. Today I had a homemade hummus and also some blackberry-blueberry-chipotle sauce (which I think only The Fix-it Guy ate). It's really quite tasty though, so as The Southerner says whenever someone says, "Oh, I don't really like X," more for me!

Even though I try not to talk about my job/book here too much, I do have to point out that since my last post, my website has received an all new facelift and you can watch the book trailer and hear the music from the book, performed by The Southerner and The Fiddler.

I'll try to do better on updates, but you never know! I did miss you all though. Oh, oh! I can't forget, this is really important and I forgot to remind everyone who came today...Next weekend is the Second Anniversary of Sunday Soup! Two whole years! And what that means is that we will be doing our annual "soup drive for PHC." If you come to Sunday Soup, please bring canned soup donations for the foodbank and we will deliver them. Last year, we had around 25 cans. I think we can do better this year, don't you? See you then!


Emmy said...

Happy birthday! I missed your blog postings for the past few weeks; its good to know that you DIDN'T fall into a vat of your own soup :P That would have been AWFUL!

Anonymous said...

And I, too, appreciate the update!

In honor of your birthday and the second anniversary of Sunday Soup I have set aside two cans of Famous Red-and-White Label tomato soup/casserole ingredient to take the the Food Bank donation bin at the grocery when I go tomorrow!