Monday, May 3, 2010

Two Years and Counting!

Yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of Sunday Soup! Oddly enough, even though I forgot to remind people, and I didn't even tell them that The Pastry Chef was making The Southerner a birthday cake, we had a HUGE crowd. Including us, there were 18 people at Sunday Soup yesterday.

Not only did The Pastry Chef make a beautiful checkerboard cake, but The Fleece Lady brought a wheat-free carrot and pineapple cake. I didn't get any yesterday, but there's half a piece with my name on it in the fridge. In fact, cake is about all we have in the fridge. There's the orange juice cake I made The Southerner on his actual birthday, plus a little of the two from yesterday. Life is good!

We got a few cans of soup for the food bank, but since I forgot to remind people, we didn't get many. We'll keep collecting if anyone wants to bring any next week.

I had a pretty busy week and no time to cook this weekend, so The Southerner and I had extra coffee yesterday and then we did a speed clean on the house and made Potato Leek soup just a few hours before people showed up. We can literally make that soup in ten minutes if we work together and then it only has to cook for about 30 minutes. And people love it. Thank you, Julia Child!

How busy was I this weekend? Well...I bought bread! Yes, bought it! I think that might've been the first time for SS. But it was tasty bakery bread, and local...and organic, so it was all good.

How was your week? Eat any good soup?


Emmy said...

Congratulations on 2 years!!! That's so exciting :)

(Sadly, the best soup I had this week was Maruchan Instant Lunch with Shrimp :P) Not really the same level of deliciousness as the soups you all get to eat every Sunday. Murr...I want some GOOD soup! :O

Bettie said...

Wow, 2 years! That went fast. Happy Birthday to Victor!