Monday, May 24, 2010

S.S. - Sunday Salad!

Hello world! Pastry Chef Here!
First off I would like to say that if I get your nicknames wrong-I'm sorry.
Second you may be wondering why I'm here. Well, the blogger is off on a little road trip! She is traveling the coast with the Southerner to do book signings! How existing! I'm sure we'll hear lots about there trip when they come back.
But for the time that there gone, you get ME! Lucky you!
So back to what happened at SS this weekend. Well, instead of soup, Sous Chef and I mixed it up and made salad for everyone. (and no, nothing happened to our soup) We thought it would be a nice change, there was a fresh green salad with lettuce from,-I forget their nickname, but lets call them the gardeners, and Egg salad made by Sous Chief. We didn't made the bread, (partly because we didn't have time, and partly because we forgot how to!) but it was fresh from the fast sinking bakery(hey, look at that, I made up a new nickname!).
We also had delicious banana bran muffins made by yours truly!
Over all I think Sunday Salad was a huge success, the writer, the fix-it man and his wife(sock lady), One couple I don't know their nickname for (But they are gratefully thanked because they brought watermelon- yum!) and the neighbour and pooh Bear's friend all came over. And I think everyone of them asked us what we did wrong with our soup. (FYI We didn't make soup) And best part of all, we didn't poison anyone with out cooking! Well...I haven't seen any of them sense they left... but I'm sure they're fine. Maybe... Hopefully...
Anyway that's all for now, Pasty Chief has left the Blog!

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Emmy said...

Hello, Pastry Chef! Nice to meet you :)

Dinner sounds like it was different, but yummy as always, so good job!

Best of luck to the blogger on her book signing!!! :D