Sunday, August 8, 2010

Zucchini coming out of our ears...

Last summer was a great year for zucchini (what summer isn't?). We had one plant and this year, as I defrosted the last of it in June, I begged The Southerner, "Can't you just plant half a plant?" He laughed and then planted TWO! One yellow, one green.

As fast as I can figure out things to do with them, he brings me more. But abundance is a good thing, so I just try to be creative instead of whining. And it turns out, yesterday, he saved my tofu bacon.

We had rain yesterday for the first time since June and because of it, laziness ensued. I slipped on my raingear over my pajamas and went to the farmer's market for breakfast essentials - doughnuts and egg sammiches- and before The Southerner had realized I'd even left the house, I was back and in my pajamas again. I spent the day drinking tea and reading, and then took a nap and when I woke up, The Sous Chef was on her way to cook. Egads! Cook what? I had no idea. At least until I looked around the kitchen and saw the pile of yellow zucchini overflowing in the fruit bowl.

I quickly ran to to my computer and typed in Spicy Zucchini Potato Soup and this recipe popped up. And yes, I did just make up the name of the kind of soup I hoped to make and a recipe did exist online. Magnificent thing, the internet! By the time The Sous Chef had arrived, I had showered and actually looked like I knew what the big cooking plan was. I was back in my pajamas though, so she was a little suspicious.

I've made a lot of zucchini soups. In fact, you may remember last year The Fix-it Guy challenged me to make a zucchini soup every week for the month of August and I did it. And people still came to SS. But this was by far the best one. I think it was the addition of red potatoes. It was also probably the easiest one.

I wasn't quite so quick on the "What are we making for dinner tonight?" question from The Sous Chef though, and we ended up getting The Southerner to make a salad while we "ran an errand." In other words, went to the coffee shop for take-out panini sandwiches - is panini sandwiches redundant? Maybe it should just be panini or sandwiches...either way, it was a lovely day and a nice evening with good food, and today's Sunday Soup was full of friends and frivolity. I hope you have an excellent week and I'll see you here next Sunday.

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Emmy said...

Mmmm! Sounds yummy as always! And actually, I don't think panini sandwhiches is redundant, because panini is a specific sandwich, so you don't want to just say sandwich, and some people might not even know what a panini is! *gasp!* Until about two years ago, I thought it was just a style of Hot Pocket (hangs head in shame)

Have a wonderful week! See you next Sunday :)