Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy 2011!

Happy New Year, everyone! We just had the first Sunday Soup of the year and it was very, very nice. Great friends, great conversations, candles, the fire in the woodstove, white bean soup and lots of fresh bread. The Fleece Lady brought lovely feta cheese and olives, we broke out the holiday cookies, and consumed gallons of tea. And not just by The Southerner, although I do think he put away quite a lot of African Mint tea!

Today was actually a full day of socializing and food. We started off with brunch at The Sous and Pastry Chefs' house this morning. We just had time to rush home afterward and bake the bread, put the soup in the slow cooker, and clean up the house. Luckily no one showed up until around 4:30 and by then we were looking calm, cool, and collected. Fooled 'em again!

I have to admit it does seem strange, and a little sad too, to write these posts and not email them to my grandmother anymore. I think of her every day, but especially on Sunday Soup days. Still, she's with us in spirit!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and The Southerner and I wish you a very Happy 2011. May your year be filled with love, peace, and lots of good food. Thank you so much for being part of our lives, whether it's in person in our home, or simply reading this blog. We really value you all.
Thank you and Happy New Year!


Emmy said...

Happy New Year!

Soup Queen said...

Happy New Year. If you would ever like good recipes; my blog is all about soup recipes. Would love to have you check it out sometime.