Sunday, February 6, 2011

Once a Month is a Party!

So it turns out that there are many benefits to having Sunday Soup only once a month, in addition to not having to clean the house so often. For instance, a lot more people come. Now they know if they don't come this week, they have to wait a whole month, so it gets prioritized. Also, even though I encourage people to join us without bothering to bring anything, when it's once a month, more people bring yummy stuff!

The Fleece-lady brought a lovely homemade salsa with chips. The Englishman brought me a lemon he GREW in his house! The Ex-Librarian & the Hiker brought wine. The Farmers & their friend (first time to SS, so she doesn't have a name yet) brought homemade crackers, cheese, and an avocado (yum!). And then, of course, there was the soup.

Today we had one of my two favourite Indian dal soup. It's made with red lentils which turn yellow when you cook them, and has onions and garlic, and lemon in it. Yum. It's a bit spicy, so The Neighbour just tasted it. The Pastry Chef probably wouldn't have liked it, but she couldn't come anyway (we missed her). And we missed the Sous Chef too, who did not come home for the weekend. But she did buy herself her first real (gorgeous) German chef's knife a couple of weeks ago and so she can chop like a pro now.

The Realtor also made an early escape from work and showed up - due to the fact that no one wanted to go to his open house when the Super Bowl was on...oh, I'm feeling the need to make a really lame Souper Bowl joke here. Someone stop me, please...?

Also, The Musician and the Irish One dropped in, and maybe I've forgotten a few, but I think that's it. It was great fun. And the best part? I mean, the best part after seeing all the guests and eating the great food? While I am typing this, The Southerner is cleaning the kitchen! And he's going to make avocado omelets with eggs so fresh I actually had to wash them myself because the lady we buy them from took them out from under the hens to sell to him! And we'll add some of The Fleece Lady's salsa to them too.

Anyway, a great time was had by all, except maybe Marley (the black cat) because right at the beginning she got a little stressed by all the people and took a whack at both The Englishman and The Irish One so she had to have a time out and go nap in my office. All is well now though (she's still sleeping!). And the rest of us had a great time.

See you next month!

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AnneB said...

So glad you're back, although I thought this would be one place SFP (safe from Packers!) You would not believe how deserted the streets were in the Milwaukee (Wisconsin) area this evening around game time: it looked like 6 a.m. Christmas morning. (I guess it turned out to be Christmas morning if you're a Green Bay fan).

Me, I'd rather have been to your Souper Bowl!