Monday, June 2, 2008

After the fact - June 1st, 2008

We had a rather small gathering, but it was extremely enjoyable and musical. One of our friends showed up with her guitar in tow and my husband already had his out. They proceeded to sit at the kitchen table, playing for two and half hours. It was great!

Our neighbour arrived right on time (island time, that is...we open the doors at 4pm and she showed around 5pm) with three of her four cats. One just explored the yard, but the other two made themselves at home, eating bits of stray cat food that had spilled out of the bowl when I hid it in the bedroom (they've been here before and I'm not sure she feeds them at home)! And they both checked out the couch for comfort and possible naps. As you can see, all are welcome here.

I think it's good for our two cats to have cat visitors, don't you? I mean, I'm basing the whole Sunday Soup on the Betsy-Tacy book idea of Sunday lunch and Betsy could always bring her friends. I don't have any kids to bring friends, so the cats are doing their part. They're getting along better too. Unlike last week when our cat Grinder took one look at them and hid in the yard until they went home, he actually touched noses with Calvin and Tigger and they all stayed on the porch for a while.

Later our friend Steve dropped by for the first time. He'd called and said, "I've just come in from painting. Is the soup still on?" I said, "Sure. Come on over." and then he said..."Do I have to get dressed?" Hmmmm...that's an aspect of Sunday Soup I hadn't considered! I told him, "Well, we'd prefer you wear something, but you don't have to dress up." He dressed up anyway. And brought wine. I think we sold him on the soup and that he'll be back again too.

Everyone liked the bread and while it was tasty with the soup, it proved really yummy toasted with jam & butter this morning and then later as sandwiches (black bean hummus, avocado, cheese, and olive oil). It's definitely a keeper.

Y'all come back now, hear?

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