Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Aftermath of the Killer Potatoes

Nearly eleven p.m. and the allergies have not subsided. Potatoes are my own personal kryptonite.

What was so strange about this Sunday Soup is that I had to serve soup that I couldn't taste! My taste buds are completely out of whack due to the allergy attack, and a half hour before it was time to serve, I was panicking because the soup tasted...well...I'm not sure what it tasted like, but not like something delicious to serve to guests. The Southerner had a bowl though and said it was great. And he never lies. Not even to spare my feelings. Trust me, he can't even lie when it might behoove him to! Most everyone had seconds and since they didn't know that I had no idea how it tasted, I think they actually liked it and didn't do it just to save my feelings. Since I made up the recipe, I guess I better write it down. I froze some so I can taste it myself when the allergies go away.

I didn't make a lot of soup since it's Canada Day Weekend and lots of our friends had plans or guests or both. Plus it was gorgeous and 30 degrees today, so that's pretty much sweltering around here (mid-eighties Fahrenheit, Yankees!) and doesn't really get the masses thinking about a nice hot bowl of soup. As it turned out, most of the regulars showed up anyway (including Calvin, the cat itching for a catnip fix). N
one of the three Steves from last week were here, but Steve O. finally took a day off from selling houses and showed up to represent the Steve contingent of the town (and to eat lots of Canada Bars).

Canada Bars were my surprise. They are actually pumpkin bars dyed red with food coloring and frosted with white cream cheese frosting. Very popular, I must say!

Last week when I told Carol that The Southerner considers "soup an appetizer" and that he actually expects me to make dinner after everyone leaves, she thought I was kidding. Tonight, when I put the casserole in the oven while they were still sitting around, she realized I wasn't. I told her that next time someone asks me, "What can I bring to Sunday Soup?" I'm going to say, "Bring a vegetarian casserole so I don't have to cook The Southerner dinner after y'all go home!" The Southerner did not find that amusing, so whatever you do, if you're reading this, DO NOT BRING A VEGETARIAN CASSEROLE. I mean it. Don't do it. ;-) ;-)

Happy Canada Day, y'all!
(I bet you thought I was going to say "eh?" didn't you?)

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