Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Bathtub of Soup?

A bathtub of soup? Saturday 26 July 2008

I stole borrowed this photo from The Southerner’s Photo Blog Even though it says that I need written permission from him, and I don't actually have it, I am pretty sure I can get it if I need it. He's nice to me that way. Plus he probably won't sue me for copyright infringement anyway. Especially if you visit his blog after mine and leave nice comments for him.

Now you're probably wondering why I wanted a photo of a bathtub anyway, right? Is it because I'm expecting so many people tomorrow that I made a bathtub of soup? Hardly. Quite the opposite. Tomorrow is the famous Nanaimo Bathtub Races and more than one person informed me that they won't be at Sunday Soup this week because they will be visiting friends who have waterfront property so they can watch the bathtub races. Waterfront-schmoterfront. I'm sorry, but WHATEVER. I mean, this is our view!

AND we have soup. Do they have soup at the bathtub races? I doubt it! Oh, and did I mention that Calvin Carol is bringing dessert? So now I say, so what if she and her cats are the only ones that come! More dessert for me!

P.S. The soup is really lovely too...I made it today and will reveal tomorrow. But here's a clue. The Southerner is involved in a squash co-op at the Community Gardens.

P.P.S. Today is my grandmother's 86th birthday! Happy Birthday, Grandma. We love you!

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