Saturday, July 19, 2008

Benihana Soup

I suppose that if everyone we invited to Sunday Soup over the last few months actually showed up, we might have fifty people. Our record is about twenty and with the lovely weather and zillions of summer activities here, our average is about eight to ten. I have decided to take advantage of this (now, watch...we'll get thirty people tomorrow) and make a very simple soup, but one that has to be made, or I should say "assembled" right before you serve it. I will be assembling it about four bowls at a time, which I think will work fine as it only takes about 2 minutes to put it all together. Now I know you're wondering what in the world it could be, right? Well, I hate to give it away on a Saturday, so I'll just give you some hints.

Spinach is involved.
I am going to make a Japanese cucumber salad because I have a large English cucumber that needs to be eaten and that salad complements the soup.
I'm serving bread, but I don't think that bread really goes with it...but people like The Southerner who already think that soup is "just an appetizer" will want bread.

will be injured (or cooked) in the making of this soup, despite the fact that they make the ingredient list. However, I will be including the fruits of their labours.

Okay, enough hints for now! See you tomorrow.

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